competitionclean offers mobile auto detailing on CAR EXTERIOR CLEANING, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.
We bring exocitc and luxury mobile detailing experience to your home or office, equipped with everything needed to give your car a complete makeover. Book Now! 3 Minutes


Exterior vehicle detailing pays hobby to every inch of your vehicle. It gives specialized treatments to each part, counting on its cloth – e.g., steel or plastic. Additionally, it considers the contaminant it wants to deal with – e.g., rust, grime, or salt. 

Aside from the ordinary vehicle wash processes, exterior vehicle detailing may also moreover include claying. This is so with the cause to get rid of impurities from the paint, repairing it, protecting it, or avail of various regions of professional services. 

What else do you need to apprehend about exterior vehicle detailing? Read on. 

Do’s and Don’ts in Exterior Car Cleaning


Go for a Hand Wash Service 

A hand wash issuer via a detailing expert now not only offers big cleaning but, moreover permits discover small problems and prevent them from escalating into vital damage. 

Rinse Vehicle Before Cleaning 

Removes free dust and debris from your vehicle’s ground. Therefore, you will not rub them during the bathing process. 

Wash the Car’s Exterior from the Top Down 

Starting from the roof of the car will prevent from spreading dirt to the areas which are probably already clean. 

Work on Small Areas at a Time 

Working in small vicinity segments will now not allow the products you use in your exterior vehicle detailing dry out and leave marks on the ground. 


Let Car Air Dry 

Wipe down the car after washing. Do now not permit it to air dry. This way, the water droplets on the floor dry out, leaving water spots. The latter can damage the paint. 

Use Old Cloths to Wipe Your Car 

Some cloth can purpose scratches and damage your vehicle’s paint.

Drop the Clay 

Dirt and exclusive abrasive particles will maintain on the clay at the same time as it comes in contact with the floor or a few different dirty ground. Using dirty clay will purpose scratches on your vehicle’s ground. 

Apply Wax Directly 

Apply the wax with an applicator and now not right now on the car. 

Exterior Car Detailing Supplies and Equipment 

Using cleansers and cleaning equipment that are not specifically designed for cleaning cars may additionally do more harm than good. The gadget of own circle of relatives detergents, for example, strips the protective layers of the paint making. 

This, in turn, makes it look silly after every wash. It is important to invest in appropriate decorative elements and gadgets for the exterior of the vehicle to avoid damage to the floor of the vehicle. 

Distilled Water 

Using water that has no mineral content material cloth will prevent water spots from forming.

Car Wash Soap and Shampoo

Formulated specifically for vehicle washing, the ones are the notable products to use to benefit a more brilliant and vibrant look after cleaning. However, now not all vehicle cleaning products are created the same. 

Be aware of what the car wash products are the product off at the same time as growing a purchase. Go for products which is probably pH-balanced and ammonia-free. Beware of cleaning products that accommodate chemical materials which are probably risky for your health. 

A greater healthful option, every for the individual cleaning the car and the environment, is a herbal vehicle shampoo. Made from plant-based ingredients, the herbal versions are biodegradable, non-toxic, and powerful in disposing of dirt and grime. 

Pads and Pad Heads 

Improper cleaning methods, use of dirty cleaning equipment and harsh cleaning chemicals can cause microscopic scratches on the paint surface. Detailers use buffers to get rid of the ones with high-quality scratches and swirl marks. They are to be had electric powered and manual kinds. The latter gives the purchaser more control over the tool.

Electric buffers allow the purchaser to apply ordinary strain and strokes to massive areas of the car’s ground. The one-of-a-type composition and density of buffer heads and pads reason them to be high-quality for precise talents like high-quality polishing.

Car Wash Cloths

 There are many types of substances that you can use for unique steps in your car’s exterior details. There are kinds that artwork well for selecting up and maintaining dust particles similar to the microfiber washcloth and washing mitt. Others, similar to the microfiber drying cloth and chamois washcloth, have superb absorption capacities and are mainly used for drying. 

Steam Cleaner 

Can you easily clean an entire car with the most effective a pint of water? With a steam cleaner, you without a doubt can. Steam can be very powerful in breaking down dust. Moreover, it may achieve this even without using any car wash cleansing cleaning soap or shampoo. 

Steam Cleaning 

Steam cleaning is an environment-nice way of detailing your car. Reduces water consumption by more than 50%. Since the warm temperature from the steam may be very effective in putting off gunk, no toxic chemicals from car cleaning substances by skip into your car and water systems via wastewater. It’s a great technique that you could just do in your driveway.

There is no need for fancy devices. Just put money into an extremely good steam cleanser and you’re amazing to skip. However, this tool can be unstable if misused. Take essential precautions, such as protecting sports equipment. 

Set the cleaner to the recommended temperature. And, of course, consider the right frame of mind and distance when using steam on the surface of the car. If you are not sure that you can perform this type of operation yourself, it is much better to have this method at hand for professional vehicle dealers.

competitionclean offers mobile auto detailing on CAR EXTERIOR CLEANING, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.
We bring exocitc and luxury mobile detailing experience to your home or office, equipped with everything needed to give your car a complete makeover. Book Now! 3 Minutes

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