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Fleets are our specialty.

One of our owners has an extensive background in fleet sales and management! With over 10 years of commercial fleet experience, we understand that your fleet is an important tool to you and your business. How you present that fleet is just as important.

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Clients are becoming more and more selective on the companies they use for work around their homes or businesses. In the growing competitive market, it is crucial to stand out. Protecting your commercial vehicles not only helps you stand out from the rest it also ensures you keep your fleet looking pristine while minimizing paint and decal deterioration. In the long-term this saves you money and prevents depreciation of your vehicles.

Competition Clean is the “total cost of ownership” specialist. We fully understand the cost of unforeseen expenses. Many fleet owners fail to factor-in the long-long term costs of a poorly upkept fleet. Redoing decals, surface rust, and faded paint are all costs that can be avoided. The lease return costs or depreciation many fleets face due to improper is something we have come to see time and again working in the industry for so many years.

Road contaminants, salt, road debris, tar, bugs, bird poop, and other contaminants can all cause a negative impact on your van or truck’s paint or body. If left improperly maintained these can burn the paint and cause thousands of dollars in total cost of ownership of any vehicle.

Competition Clean is here to work with you and your fleet.

We will create a specialized fleet maintenance schedule to ensure each vehicle in your rotation gets washed and cleaned on a regular basis.

We are the only company in the industry that will provide a detailed vehicle body condition report, as we know that many drivers often neglect to report scuffs, dings, rock chips, small dents, windshield chips and cracks that can all lead to worse long-term damage.

As part of our detailed report, we will photograph the van or truck before and after the service and we will keep records of our reports by vin or plate number for each of your fleet vehicles, to easily help you track the condition of your fleet over the life of each vehicle.

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