The Cost & Benefits of Starting A Competition Clean Franchise

Invest in Your Own Success story

When it comes to cost and investment, how do you decide whether you should go it alone or join a franchise? One way to look at it is this. 

On your own, you have to put yourself on the line with no support or formula for success. How do you start a car detailing business? How do you then tackle multiple contracts and services, like we do, with the addition of mobile detailing, dealership business, coatings, ppf installation, and desalting and winterizing for the cold weather month? 

With a Competition Clean franchise, you’re backed by proven systems and a trusted brand. You’re part of a family and detailers community – you’ll never feel alone because you have a network that’s got your back. It’s the smartest way to start a business!

Every franchise opportunity has a different franchise cost. Mobile Service-based brands like competition clean have a lower initial investment, along with a faster ramp up time, so that you can start making money and earning back your investment, fast.

Competition Clean Franchise costs

The minimum investment for a Competition Clean franchise starts at $58,800. Our territories are selling out fast.

Compeition Clean Mobile Deaitaiing and Burnaby Shop Detaiing 1

What You Get From Your Franchise Investment

As a Competition Clean Franchise Partner, you’ll have everything you need to launch your business, and ongoing support. This includes: 

  • Training. For day-to-day operations, and every step of the way. 
  • Recruitment. We help you to find the right people to make your business exceptional and provide you with the resources to recruit and train your new team.
  • Booking You Jobs. Our centralized call center and online booking system is open 24/7 – letting you focus on growing your business, rather than getting bogged down in time-consuming admin. 
  • Marketing. As a Franchise Partner, you’re part of a trusted, recognized brand, backed by a centralized Marketing and PR team.
  • Existing Customers. We have a large data base and have been rapidly acquiring clients, our previous experience in fleet management allows us to expand national fleets that we distribute to our franchise partners nationally.

The bottom line? We take care of the backend operations, so that you can focus on driving revenue and building your business.

Is Franchising Profitable?

One of the questions prospective Franchise Partners ask when looking into various options is: “How much money can I make?” or, “How profitable are franchises?”.

The answer? How successful you are depends on you. How smart you work, and how closely you follow our franchise formula. 

After working in the detailing business and expanding our amazing customer experience corporation?, we’ve identified what makes a great owner – and we work hard to ensure it’s a great fit on both sides. We’re selective in finding Franchise Partners because we only win when you do!


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